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Image-MoneySmith Danielson Group, Inc. is in the business of saving money for clients by performing a contingency review of their utilization of state economic development benefits and incentives. This is an area in which most firms are losing substantial savings opportunities.

SDG is a group of professional economic developers offering contingency consulting services to assist clients in obtaining and maximizing state economic development benefits and incentives nationwide. Our experts review numerous state programs to recover savings, which is already 100% lost. Because few companies are aware of these incentives, they are generally overlooked or under utilized.

SDG generates savings for 85% of its clients through:

  • Recovery of lost profits due to overlooked or underutilized state economic development benefit or incentive programs.
  • Reduction of future state tax liabilities using our proprietary strategies and methods. We maximize all available benefits and incentives.


Economic development is an ever changing field. Legislation and benefits are political in nature, and are unfamiliar to laymen and CPA's alike. As experts, our focus is strictly on state economic development; we know the law and how it was intended to be applied.

Caught up in the everyday rigors of operating and growing their businesses, few executives allocate the time and resources necessary to pursue rightful state economic development incentives. As a result, there is little knowledge of exactly which benefits exist, how to qualify for them, and general confusion relative to their application.

Let Smith Danielson Group help cut through this confusion and obtain all state benefits that are rightfully due company.

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